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Japan November 2015 - Tokyo - Nagoya - Hiroshima - Shimonoseki - Fukuoka - Page 9

Day 25 - Thursday, 26 November 2015

The shed

Time to start the long journey home, too long I say. I go to the airport early and wait, I then have 4 hours in Narita, and wait for it, 5 hours in Brisbane. Oh well.
Before all that, the treat of a Jetstar flight. I have only done this once in Australia, 2 other attempts were cancelled, one out of 3 isnt good.
With my 4 hour window before my Qantas flight I was confident.
Fukuoka airport is actually 4 terminals, all quite small, my one is ancient. It used to be an airforce base, it still is for Japanese air defence force because I saw their quiet domestic fighter trainers across the runway.
I walked the 3 domestic terminals, and realised mine was the worst, it has domestic flights mainly to Okinawa in little Honda jets and propeller planes, but also all flights to Narita.
The bigger nicer terminal was for flights to Haneda.

Anyway, all flights left on time, and there really are a lot of flights, except mine! Jetstar!
Mine was an hour late, but that was fine. Once in Narita, it stops at a shed, and they wheel out a covered collapsable walkway thats like a giant accordion.
Then the fun starts. You walk on a running track, complete with lanes first up 6 escalators and over a gantry that planes actually pass under, then down again, then underground, then along a road, then through a park, then across a car park, then into another shed, then back up again, then theres a foodcourt, then you get to baggage claim in a shed.
I walk fast, its 20 minutes to baggage claim, no bathroom!
You then follow this running track some more to the main Narita terminals. I found it fun, but if you were old or tired or it was freezing it would be terrible. It is not heated, and most of the way its a secure metal mesh the wind blows straight through.

Now I am relaxing in the JAL Sakura first lounge, trying not to have their curry which is amazingly delicious. I will have a shower soon, for fun.

Before I headed to the airport in Fukuoka, all of 2km at most, I did one last turn around the town.
Its a big city, very modern, if you like shopping you will love it here.
When I checked out of the hotel they tried to sell me the new revolutionist history book of Japan for about $100.

The Jetstar check in area, just 2 counters. They wouldnt let me check in until 2 hours before my flight. Yes I was early. So I had to wheel my bag around with me on my epic airport walk.

The shops in the old terminal 3. Actually the shop area makes it look much newer than it is.

This is the restaurant area. Looks like the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

All the terminals in Fukuoka had excellent viewing areas, indoors and out. I spent some time watching the planes land because its a very unusual approach.
For the last few days I watched low plains flying over the city without their wheels down. Now I see they do a very tight left turn in front of the mountains, before straigtening, dropping the wheels and landing.
Very cool to watch. I heard a few planes roar overhead on different angles a couple of days back, I am guessing they were missed approaches.

Terminal 2 is much more modern, has mini outlets of the big department stores and a heap of restaurants.
I didnt get to the international terminal as its on the other side of the runway (how Australian of them!) but there were a lot of flights coming and going, including to Guam and Saipan.

Picture 700! a new record.
I had lunch at the bakery cafe, soup, salad, sandwich and drink for $6! I was excited.

Then I went up to the observation deck here and realised I could have got an even better bargain out of a hot food vending machine.

Theres nothing to stop the public from coming up here, and there were a few plane spotters around. Cool place to come for a picnic, just 2 subway stops!

Once you go through security you get ushered into a holding pen, to hear that your flight is delayed an hour....

Then after an absolutely full but comfortable Jetstar flight, all passengers dead silent, you get to go for a run.

Keep running, another mile to go.

And then you get to Narita terminal 2. Time for one last Matcha latte, non fatto, to use remaining yen.

Now heres my attempt at a healthy airport lounge meal. Shower time, photos of me in the shower later.


Now I am in Brisbane airport for 5 hours before a 2.5 hour flight home. So nearly as long as the flight from Tokyo to Brisbane all over again, how incredibly boring.
The flight from Tokyo was uneventful. No sleep but went quickly anyway because I wasnt dying of ebola like on the way there.
Despite appearing to be nearly full, I had 2 empty seats next to me.
Didnt really watch tv, declined the meals, wondered why no water was being served, and attempted to find the airlock to eliminate unwanted noisy babies somewhere over Papua New Guniea.

Thats it no more updates, this one was also a waste of time.

I dare not upload too many pictures, the wifi in the Qantas lounge in Brisbane appears to be dial up.

The shower was fantastic, jets shooting out of everywhere.

My plane, a boring old Qantas A330.

It does however have the snazzy new interior.
The end.

David on 2015-11-26 said:
Only because those two square bowls were sitting there

adriana on 2015-11-26 said:
there seems to be a big gap on your plate in the last photo.


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