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I went to London for work

Day 6 - Friday September 11th 2009

St Albans

Had to take the train out to st albans today, a small old looking place north of London.
Still very impressed with the trains, it was on time, very fast and empty.
Met a few people from France who came over for the day, as you can see I went to a place with some of our trucks, I have taken this photo as proof that I work for a living occasionally.
Went to a local pub for lunch, and they had a rump steak salad with Shropshire blue cheese, which is my favourite cheese in the world.
After work, went to another pub, where I laughed as people tried to drink the local cider which they all thought was horrible, I had a diet coke.
In the evening I went out and took some tourist photos, as you can see below.


Our truck with a cleanaway bin, in Australia we are competitors, in the UK we bought them out.

The millennium wheel, its purple.

Its me!

Big ben, I timed it, its running 14 nanoseconds slow.

More of the same

Again, but with more parliament, it was me and 300 other people taking photos.

I was bored of big ben, so the nearby bridge was more entertaining.

A total fluke, but I like it, I picked up the camera before it had finished accidentally

Trafalgar square.

More of the square.

The national gallery.

Heading into the tube.

Day 7 - Saturday September 12th 2009

The studio visit

Lots to do today, first of all theres no more work so now im on holidays.
First I had to move hotels, across town to earls court.
My new hotel is a best western, its nicer than the ibis, but smaller, single bed only and the desk along side it is in a position where you cant sit at it, so I have to sit on the bed to use my computer.
However the bathroom is very nice. The location is much nicer, its the posh end of town, very near to harrods etc.

In the afternoon I head out to Teddington, to meet people ive known for 14 years but never met in person at their studio/boys club/xbox room.
The studio is impressive, and everyone turns up eventually. We go out to dinner for Chinese at Ting Tings, which is pretty good despite the name.
Too many people for me to keep up with arrive and I become bewildered! Too soon its time to go.
Was good to meet everyone in person after such a long time of trading insults textually. To protect the innocent, no pictures were taken!

This is a public toilet in england, I never did spot a girls one

The underground.

Train approaches the underground.

The penis building again, pretty sure its the tallest building, london doesnt really do tall buildings.

Day 8 - Sunday September 13th 2009


This morning was the first visit in my life to a laundromat. All the machines ate my money, but the place had an attendant who sorted it out. He also promised to guard my clothes so I didnt have to sit in front of washing machines and dryers for hours.
Eventually it was done and I headed off to Harrods.
There were lots of cars parked around it, I was there before it opened so had nothing to do but sneak shots of the cars, some of the nicer ones I didnt take photos of because angry looking arabs were guarding them or in them.
Harrods itself was ok, mainly perfume and watches, the food halls were pretty good though.

The laundromat


Cheap Ferrari

4 door maserati quattroporte

The new jag


In the afternoon I headed off the the Thames festival. Now why you would hold a festival along the filthy river im not sure, but despite this some people climbed down into the mud to make sand castles, braver people than me.
The festival itself was very dissapointing, miles of kebab shops and people flogging t-shirs with a union jack on it. Apparently there were to be fireworks in the evening.

In the evening I decided to go for a walk around Kensington, however this was a bad plan as on Sundays all the shops shut at 5 and its the sort of place where you go to look in shops.

The remains of a pig

Helter Skelter.

Barge racing, no one really noticed it was happening


A dissapointing pirate ship replica

Bristol fighter v12 gull wing doors

Day 9 - Monday September 14th 2009


Today I did a lot of walking.
First I went to see the changing of the guard at buckingham palace. Its not particularly impressive, a brass band comes, some people yell, you cant see much etc. They close down streets for this, the amazing part is they do it every day.
Then I rode on a ferry to Greenwich, where time itself was created, you have to hike up a large hill and theres astronomy and clock displays. The view is very good, and its all free. The ferry however costs an absolute fortune, take the train if you ever go.

Bonus shot of the outside of my hotel

The more impressive guards, on horseback with armour, with a police escort, guards for the guards.

Machine gun guard, the worlds most boring job, I kicked him because ive seen in movies they arent supposed to flinch, but he chased me!

Buckingham palace, surprisingly dissapointing, there are many more impressive buildings which are just shops or houses in the city

Fancy gates

A million people waiting for a brass band

The band

The guard, they surprisingly werent particularly well drilled, the size difference between the men and women probably makes it difficult

We are everywhere

The ferry is so slow, I started being stupid

Both hands point to the idiot

The view from greenwich

The other view from the same place

Alvin himself

Straddling time at the 0 meridian

Theres more to see on page 3!

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