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^rad^'s adventures in India

Day 17 - Monday December 19th, 2005

Last day, some logistics to be considered, check out time of hotel, 12 noon, flight time, 2145, check in for flight is in the city at the train station, where you get boarding pass and check baggage before boarding the train for the 100km journey to the airport.
I decide I will have to leave my bags at the hotel lobby, I am sure they allow it, walk around for a few hours, then come back and get my bags and leave for KL Sentral Station for the check in.

Before then, I discover that unlike every thing else that opens at 10 a.m. the Menara tower opens at 9 a.m. and is only a short walk from here.
The walk was even shorter than I expected as a free shuttle bus takes you from the car park to the lift to the top of the tower.
The lift takes under 1 minute to ascend approximately 300 metres, the tower itself is the 4th highest in the world, quite a bit higher than centrepoint in Sydney, but like all these towers the top 100 metres is an antenna mast.
The three higher are CN tower in Canada, a tower in Shanghai and the one in Moscow
The observation deck isnt open air, which would have been awesome, so let me apologise in advance for some of the pictures if you can see reflection off the glass.

Looking down on Petronas towers

Kuala Lumpur....

Crap looking part of Kuala Lumpur

Nicer looking view

The main part of the city

Petronas...with zoom

I walked away from the menara tower a bit to take this shot, then I decided I might as well walk the whole way down

At about 11:30 I decide its time to check out and have the hotel look after my bags and keep myself entertained for at least 4 hours.
Theres no problem in looking after my bags and I soon get on the monorail to low yat plaza - i.t. plaza
The illegal software is piled up, and I am up for the challenge of photographing the illegality going on, so I disable flash, hold the camera in the palm of my hand and look for the brightest illegal software stores (bright cause im not using a flash so as not to attract attention)
I manage to photograph 2 of the stores

The three ring binders full of software, 5 discs cost 10 ringgits

Wall of illegal software - not one thing in these stores is original, and the top 3 floors of low yat are dedicated to these stores, theres at least 40 competing stores.

Still with lots of time to spare, and sore feet, I start just looking for places to sit down and observe, you would think malls would be a good bet to find seats, no, food courts are the only place with seating, and all food courts are overflowing.
I decide to check out a train station instead, dont worry, its full of carts selling illegal software and dvd's, adidas t-shirts, gucci bags and rorex's, but it does have seats and air conditioning to relax for a while.
Once the bloodflow resumes in my legs, I repeat this process with a different mall and a bus station, before too long 5 hours have elapsed and I feel I can start the journey to the airport.

The first part is, pick up my bags from the Shangri La Hotel, and catch a taxi to KL Sentral - the train station in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.
The taxi driver asks where I am from, I tell him, then he tells me how great it is that Australia is fighting the muslims on the beaches and that he wishes he could go there and help...ok
He then tells me when he was 9 he won the all Malaysian Geography contest, and tells me all about Australias Geography, including the highest mountain in each state, and their height in metres! hes a freak.

Next stage is unique to KL I think, I check in for my flight including my baggage, and receive my boarding pass, 100km from the airport, then board the special train which takes me direct to the airport - a great idea!
Arriving at the airport, I am greeted by a magical site


Only 4 hours until my flight.....I alternate between sitting and walking.

Depart Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2145.

The flight is nearly all Australians, which is surprising, since on the way it was mostly malaysian, japanese and phillipino students.
The food is fantastic, I get like a proper steak, with wedges and gravy, really good.
I am unable to sleep at all on the flight and watch a bad movie starring lil bow wow about rollerskating called 'roll, bounce'.

Day 18 - Tuesday December 20th, 2005

Arrive Adelaide International Airport at 0715.

The flight seemed to go pretty quickly, but I was unable to beat the computer at chess, even on the easy setting.

Arrival at the new Adelaide Airport terminal is a long process, just before getting off the plane everyone on board gets sprayed with 2 different aerosols, and the arrival form is long and poorly worded.
Nearly everyones bags, including mine, are opened and searched, this takes quite some time.
My various purchases from India are satisfactory, but since I put India as my main place of visit, I get questioned about various potential diseases I may be suffering from, but then I am let through.

And...Thats all folks!

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