These are my travel diaries.
The content has all been redone for 2018, everything here is now mobile device friendly.
Please consider that when a lot of this content was written, the term blog did not even exist. I continue to persist with oldest content first, so you should read each journey like a book so that you can understand my hilarious references to earlier posts.
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Upcoming Trips

This year I actually have 2 x month long trips already planned.
From 14 April - 11 May I will be all over China, specifically Beijing - Zhengzhou - Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shanghai.
Then from 27 October - 23 November I will be returning to Japan for what seems to have become an annual leaf season trip. This time I will be going from Tokyo to Naha on Okinawa, back to Fukuoka then Nagasaki before spending more time in Tokyo.
So if you are one of my 3 loyal readers, set a reminder somewhere.


October 21st - November 17th 2017

Negotiations with Kim Jong-un have broken down. Mutually assured destruction seems inevitable. North Korea have threatened to sink Japan with a volley of nuclear fire. I am left with no choice, travel once again to Japan to personally man the global missile defence shield. The fate of the world rests on my shoulders.


March 5th - 1 April 2017

In a slightly less highly original move than Japan6, I am going to Taiwan4. Which is code for I am going to Taiwan for the 4th time.
Taiwan is part of the reaffirmed one true China and lies to the east of the glorious mainland but well within the 9 dash line.


October 16th - November 11th 2016

In a highly original move, I am going to Japan for the 6th time.
I will be gone 27 days, travelling West from Tokyo then to Hokkaido to fight bears before coming back via Fukushima.


May 22nd - June 13th 2016

I am going to England and then Germany for work. I may invade Poland and then escape via the alps.
Because I am mainly working, do not expect the normal level of bullshit.
Also, I made it so the Europe page works on hand held devices like phones and stuff, it is experimental, so if it is not working properly please shut up.


November 2nd - November 26th 2015

With Australia entering final negotiations to pay the Imperial Japanese Navy to construct a fleet of submarines capable of sinking rickety Indonesian fishing boats, its time for me to head over and make a deal to ensure a first strike nuclear capability is included.


March 3rd - March 26th 2015

I am going back to Korea to sort out the heiress nut scandal, re float the sunken ferry, agree a ceasefire with Japan over the comfort girl apology drama, buy the freedom for the mentally handicapped slaves on the farming islands and welcome Kim Jong-un to town during the reunification party.


March 6th - March 28th 2014

I did not go anywhere for a year, which sux. So this time I am going for a full 3 weeks at least, to Hong Kong for 4 days, Japan for 8 days then Taiwan for 9 days.
Taiwan is not Thailand. Educate yourselves.


March 23rd - April 10th 2013

2.5 weeks in western China, split between Chengdu and Chongqing, land of the hotpot.

Tokyo weekend

October 25th - October 30th 2012

A really short trip over an extended weekend to Tokyo. The challenge for me - no food photos!

China again

August 27th - September 13th 2012

Back to China again, visiting many cities around the Yangtze river delta.

Japan and Taiwan

March 1st - March 22nd 2012

Osaka in Japan followed by Taipei in Taiwan


November 1st - November 18th 2011

China, mainly Shanghai and Beijing

Korea, mainly...

September 3rd - September 17th 2011

South Korea via Hong Kong, Taiwan and then back through Japan

Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore

March 25th - April 11th 2011

Taiwan via Hong Kong then Singapore and who knows where else

London, for the third time

June 25th - July 17th 2010

I cant seem to stop going to London for work

Japan and Hong Kong

May 2nd - May 18th 2010

I went to Japan and then Hong Kong again purely for a holiday

London again and Hong Kong

February 26th - March 25th 2010

I went to London to work some more, then I went to Hong Kong


September 5th - 22nd 2009

I went to London for work and a holiday.

South East Asia

December 3rd - 18th 2005

16 days travel from Australia to India and back, via Malaysia both ways. Staying Mainly in Chennai, this was a working visit.