These are my travel diaries.
The content has all been redone for 2018, everything here is now mobile device friendly.
Please consider that when a lot of this content was written, the term blog did not even exist. I continue to persist with oldest content first, so you should read each journey like a book so that you can understand my hilarious references to earlier posts.
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Upcoming Trips

From 27 October - 23 November I will be returning to Japan for what seems to have become an annual leaf season trip. This time I will be going from Tokyo to Naha on Okinawa, back to Fukuoka then Nagasaki before spending more time in Tokyo.
So if you are one of my 3 loyal readers, set a reminder somewhere.


April 14th - May 11th 2018

It looks like Russia and the USA are going to war over Syria to distract people from the situation in North Korea while at the same time China is running rings around Trump on issues related to trade.
To solve this I am returning to mainland China to become the new modern Marco Polo, providing exaggerated reports on my field observations as I travel in a great loop around the middle kingdom.


October 21st - November 17th 2017

Negotiations with Kim Jong-un have broken down. Mutually assured destruction seems inevitable. North Korea have threatened to sink Japan with a volley of nuclear fire. I am left with no choice, travel once again to Japan to personally man the global missile defence shield. The fate of the world rests on my shoulders.


March 5th - April 1st 2017

In a slightly less highly original move than Japan6, I am going to Taiwan4. Which is code for I am going to Taiwan for the 4th time.
Taiwan is part of the reaffirmed one true China and lies to the east of the glorious mainland but well within the 9 dash line.


October 16th - November 11th 2016

In a highly original move, I am going to Japan for the 6th time.
I will be gone 27 days, travelling West from Tokyo then to Hokkaido to fight bears before coming back via Fukushima.


May 22nd - June 13th 2016

I am going to England and then Germany for work. I may invade Poland and then escape via the alps.
Because I am mainly working, do not expect the normal level of bullshit.
Also, I made it so the Europe page works on hand held devices like phones and stuff, it is experimental, so if it is not working properly please shut up.


November 2nd - November 26th 2015

With Australia entering final negotiations to pay the Imperial Japanese Navy to construct a fleet of submarines capable of sinking rickety Indonesian fishing boats, its time for me to head over and make a deal to ensure a first strike nuclear capability is included.


March 3rd - March 26th 2015

I am going back to Korea to sort out the heiress nut scandal, re float the sunken ferry, agree a ceasefire with Japan over the comfort girl apology drama, buy the freedom for the mentally handicapped slaves on the farming islands and welcome Kim Jong-un to town during the reunification party.


March 6th - March 28th 2014

I did not go anywhere for a year, which sux. So this time I am going for a full 3 weeks at least, to Hong Kong for 4 days, Japan for 8 days then Taiwan for 9 days.
Taiwan is not Thailand. Educate yourselves.


March 23rd - April 10th 2013

2.5 weeks in western China, split between Chengdu and Chongqing, land of the hotpot.

Tokyo weekend

October 25th - October 30th 2012

A really short trip over an extended weekend to Tokyo. The challenge for me - no food photos!

China again

August 27th - September 13th 2012

Back to China again, visiting many cities around the Yangtze river delta.

Japan and Taiwan

March 1st - March 22nd 2012

Osaka in Japan followed by Taipei in Taiwan


November 1st - November 18th 2011

China, mainly Shanghai and Beijing

Korea, mainly...

September 3rd - September 17th 2011

South Korea via Hong Kong, Taiwan and then back through Japan

Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore

March 25th - April 11th 2011

Taiwan via Hong Kong then Singapore and who knows where else

London, for the third time

June 25th - July 17th 2010

I cant seem to stop going to London for work

Japan and Hong Kong

May 2nd - May 18th 2010

I went to Japan and then Hong Kong again purely for a holiday

London again and Hong Kong

February 26th - March 25th 2010

I went to London to work some more, then I went to Hong Kong


September 5th - 22nd 2009

I went to London for work and a holiday.

South East Asia

December 3rd - 18th 2005

16 days travel from Australia to India and back, via Malaysia both ways. Staying Mainly in Chennai, this was a working visit.

Fuji Photography

2017 Onwards

If you are sick of reading about foreign travel, here are a heap of 'photography journals' taken around Australia using my Fujifilm x70 camera I bought in 2017.

Really old content

Dating back to the 1990's

If you are feeling really nostalgic, here is a tonne of really old content dating back to the 1990's. Its not guaranteed to work and its probably useless to try looking at this stuff on a mobile device.