1000 steps 13 May 2017 - Page 1

13 May 2017

1000 steps

This hiking trail is famous for being very strenuous. It is not. It is a 25 minute walk to the top. Despite this there were 2 people having heart attacks, seriously! Ambulances were being called.
There were also lots of young people, mainly girls, who were struggling to the top. The world is coming to a slothful end.

I had to catch a train to get there, it is far. This is Melbourne Central Station, the shot tower, not a great photo really.

They like you to take a train to the walking trail, to encourage this, the parking lot is a market. I support this.

Its a short flat stroll from the train station to the gate of the National park.

As this is a national park which means native trees, there are not many colorful leaves, so you have to make the most of what you do see.

Good light today, some cloud, some sun. Lots of trees are covered in moss and ivy.

Most of the path looked like this. There were a huge number of people out and about, I try to keep them out of photos.

The start of the steps - terrible photo! There were people behind me psyching themselves up to go up a few stairs.

Already at the top, which is another parking lot. There is no real view of the city below to be found, you can kind of make it out between the trees. They should cut a few down.
Highlights brought down a lot on this photo into the sun.

Very nice light at times.

Future fire. Classic chrome simulation in use here.

There are a few private homes at the top, which means non native trees, which means colorful leaves like Japan.

Time to go back down, time for more classic chrome. Most visitors are Chinese tourists, who were all having a great time. Many were carrying lots of kiwi fruit they must have got from somewhere on the bus tour.

Possibly photo of the day?

And back down. This is the education centre. There are multiple paths, the path I took down was easier than the easy path up.

Time to start the train journey home. Vivid, oh so vivid (fujifilm vivid film sim). I actually desaturated slightly.

I got off far from the city to get some lunch at the Ringwood shopping centre. A huge modern place mainly underground. Nice leaves.

Inside the shopping centre.

The Ringwood train station, a bit more classic chrome.

Street photography, on the rail station platform. I made no adjustments to this at all, the sky is perfectly captured.

Back in central Melbourne walking to my home, enjoying the golden hour light on the golden building.

This building is under construction very near mine. It is called 108 because its supposed to be 108 levels, all residential, but I dont think its going to be that high anymore.