Bendigo 20 May 2017 - Page 1

20 May 2017

Bendigo - Law Week

My girlfriend convinced me to do some work for her and take photos of law week in Bendigo, but dont worry theres also flowers and leaves and a jail.
I also discovered that my poor old little laptop is too slow to handle fuji raw files in lightroom 6, I need to work out what to do about this before next going to Japan.

Inside the old jail, now a theatre and conference theme park.

Some signs.

The people speaking about law, not sure my camera was suitable for this kind of thing.

ISO not too high, but needed zoom.

Yeah, need zoom or to get much closer, luckily this kind of thing is not what I usually take photos of.

Time to head out and take photos on a very grey day of leaves past their best.

And also take some photos of an open sewer.

Here is a fountain, I took a photo of this only a few weeks ago when I was here for another reason.

A Chinese guy with a pig.

Somewhere near the library with a rusty fountain.

Another building, on a very gloomy day.

The best part of the day was the hot house in the botanic gardens, not too hot today.

But it is very colorful.

Some close ups

More close ups

More flowers, not sure if I have processed very well, seems too colorful.

Maybe this one is better.

The sun came out briefly in the park, absolutely full of grey headed flying foxes (bats).

Tree full of bats.

Time to head back to the jail, which is now very nice looking.

Apparently it only shut in 2005, but was last used as a training jail. Whatever that means.

More people on stage, with Obama, better angle for photos this time.

Contrasted with Trump, all the speakers hated Trump, not sure what this speech had to do with law.

I had time to head up the hill to the awesome lookout.

Here is Bendigo.

Perhaps the best photo of the day.