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21 May 2017

Bendigo and Dunolly - Law Week

Day 2 of helping my girlfriend take photos for her job, which is something about the law in rural Victoria.
Today in addition to being in Bendigo, I was also taking photos in a small town with 4 courthouses called Dunolly, oh and also an abandoned gold mining town near a huge Buddhist temple.

Woke up to a foggy morning, can be good for photos, can be bad, depends on the subject.

Bendigo formerly had lots of Chinese people to mine gold and build railroads etc. Now there are none, but there are lots of Chinese things left behind or reconstructed.

Very weird light in this photo.

Some of the old town through the leaves, it really was very dark.

One of the main streets going up the hill.

Fog makes for good church photos.

Possibly photo of the day.

Just another random old building.

Now I am at the Buddhist temple, where there are garden gnomes.

There are lots of messages in the forest, aimed directly at me.

This is the Grand Stupa. Hard to photograph. Soon it will have a giant Jade Buddha in it. It is still under construction currently.


Behind the Buddha theme park is an oldy timey gold mining town. I thought it was real, but now I know it is not.

Great for photos, it looks real because its all falling down. All classic chrome photos here of course.

There are about ten buildings in total, I dont think you are supposed to come back here, would be dangerous to go inside.

There are also the largest mosquitoes ever from a nearby dam.

I really liked this bridge.

In a nearby field is some old farm machinery, designed to kill farmers.

Here is one of the courthouses in Dunolly. By now it was blazing blue sky.

The main street.

Law week.

A couple of writers being interviewed on stage.

No one could hear, so everyone moved their chairs closer. I stuck out here like a sore thumb. More so than usual.

The country womens association or similar put on an afternoon tea.

Of course you can buy some books.

Here is a letter box. So historic.

One last shot of the Dunolly main street.

And finally, an historic horse trough.