Melbourne Botanic Gardens - 27 May 2017 - Page 1

27 May 2017

Melbourne Botanical Gardens

The Melbourne Botanical Gardens are very near where I live, despite that I have never really been through them properly until now.
Me and everyone else were busy taking photos.

To get there you go through the Sidney Myer Music Bowl amphitheatre. I took a big city panorama, but they dont really fit too well on my web page design.

Here is a tree with a possum nest box. No purple fringing in my photos really.

A bit more of a nice tree, this one looked very 3D to my eyes, poorly composed photo though.

Cactus closeup, aperture wide open for a bit of background blur, might as well use all the Fuji X70 dials.

The conservatory, with classic chrome film profile simulation whatever.

Hidden in the botanic gardens is Government House. I just learnt the Victorian flag is yellow, or is it? I dont know. There is a yellow flag.

Vivid film profile for the duck pond / lake, with highlights cut a lot and shadows boosted even more. I like the clouds near the horizon.

This one is actually the normal provia file, but the natural light was very vivid, still had to massively cut highlights to get to this.

Possibly photo of the day? Might be a good one to mess around with the different raw converters to test how well they de mosaic the x-trans sensor unusualness so I can add my extremely in depth comparisons to every camera forum.

Lots and lots of leaves around Melbourne at the moment, not my problem, I am safe from leaf attack high above the city in my apartment.

The journey back home on the train was only 3 stops, this is Prahran station, hipster central.