Cape Schanck 17 September 2017 - Page 1

17 September 2017

Cape Schanck

A fairly long drive on a nice early spring day down the Mornington Peninsular to the strangely named Cape Schanck.

This is not Cape Schanck at all, this was taken a week prior near Richmond in Melbourne.

Now this is the strangely named Cape Schanck, we walked along the Bushranger track away from the lighthouse.

Great view, back towards the lighthouse, more on that later.

The path was pretty easy, about an hour in each direction, mostly dirt/sand combo with trees and cows in a pasture in the distance.

Eventually you get to here, for excellent photo opportunities.

Now with moss. Notice there is a guy on the top of that big rock!

I attempted a long jump across a creek running into the ocean, made it halfway, got wet, but it allowed me to explore further for photos.

There werent many people about.

This rock is much bigger than it appears here, its the same one the guy was picture on top of earlier. I didnt have enough time to attempt such a climb myself, plus there were signs declaring it a conservation area.

Slightly redundant.

Looking back at the main beach, you can see a few people in the distance.

I really enjoy photographing into sunlight with my Fujifilm X70.

Nice rocks.

Nearly back at the start point, time for a bit more view.

I was having so much fun I decided to continue in the other direction, heres the boardwalk.

The lighthouse. Great light.

I was really enjoying the light.

Another hidden cove, note the guy in the white t-shirt on the right climbing where he should not be and almost slipping to his death.

More lighthouse, but in great light. Not sure whats happening at the bottom in the foreground though.

Sun reflection

One last photo of Cape Schanck before heading back to the city. A top location for taking photos.

On the long drive back into town around the coast I stopped to check on the sunset and found a hidden path down to the water. Enjoyed the last light of the day.