Hong Kong - Japan - Taiwan - March 2014 - Page 5

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Heres a few of the department stores. Unlike the rest of Asia, China (and Taiwan which is more or less China) still leaves theirs unintegrated and stand alone. Each one tries to entrap you inside so you cant easily walk underground or across outside walkways linking them.
These 3 buildings in a row all feature about 10 floors of clothing, 2 basement floors of supermarket, 2 floors of restaurants near the top, and a cinema on the top floor.
It can take you about 30 minutes to get out of them if you go up to the top, they stop you from taking the stairs and I swear the lifts only go up.
The escalators are then arranged in such a way its very easy to go up, but to go down requires you to cross from one side of the floor to the other.

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/640 at f/5.6, ISO 125, 10 mm
Date: 19 March 2014 Time: 14:08:22