Hong Kong - Japan - Taiwan - March 2014 - Page 6

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For dinner, I ate like a poor person, in a local place, total cost $1. The grandma that served me was ridiculously excited to see me. She charged out with a fork.
I told her in Mandarin that I prefer chopsticks, and she was even more excited, and sat down at the table, and spoke for 30 seconds in extremely fast Chinese, of which I understood maybe 2 words....
So I told her I dont understand, I only speak a little Chinese, and she laughed and left.
My dinner is some kind of balls in soup. Possibly actual balls, I have no idea!

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/40 at f/1.8, ISO 125, 10 mm
Date: 22 March 2014 Time: 21:29:58