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Adelaide Airport Boeing 777

3 December 2005

Flying on a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200

The flight was absolutely full, of fools!
In front of me is a German guy, and no matter what he does he cant stay seated more than 5 minutes, he actually tried to get out of his seat as the pilot powered up on the runway for takeoff, but sat back down when he realised just how dumb he was. I would estimate that in the 8 hours he got up 100 times minimum.
Meanwhile, to my left is an english backpacker couple, and the guy is a real dick, insulting the stewardesses, the food comes, you have a choice of 3 things, and he tells the malaysian girl to her face 'so its all fucking gook food then?'
For the Nerds interested, the in flight entertainment thing in the back of every seat is interactive, and mine crashed and rebooted and it was linux, but I dont know what flavour.

I did not sleep at all during the flight and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was sort of interesting, and 'the extras' with the guy from the office.
I think most of the people on the plane were students returning home who attend university in Adelaide.
There was more food than I could eat, some chicken in soy and oyster sauce with rice, with cake, then a large 'giant twin' ice cream, then some smoked salmon on noodle things came around, then later a bread roll, a slice of cheesecake and some honey glazed nuts.
The cabin staff were extremely professional, but I have never ever seen men so openly gay! they wore pink eye liner and called each other darling, with a malaysian accent.

Adelaide-Airport-Boeing 777 - Stock Photo not taken by me

Stock Photo not taken by me

Adelaide-Airport-Boeing 777 - Picture of the plane I was about to get on

Picture of the plane I was about to get on

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