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Malaysia Shah Alam Hotel

3 December 2005

Transit from the airport my hotel in Shah Alam

The bus is a mini bus, and it is full of course, im squashed into a corner, my blackberry works! I thought maybe only the phone features would but no I have email and internet working on it.
The drive was long, at least an hour, the bus was slow and twice we had to pull over on the highway, as some VIP's passed with police escort.
Most of the other people on the bus are japanese tourists, and they are totally lost and confused, we get off the bus and it drives off, and I am moving to the hotel reception, but the Japanese people all just stood out in the street, I can see them whilst I am checking in and suggest that someone goes and gets them.

The hotel rooom is fine, large and with what I believe is free internet, king size bed, many tv channels, some with western movies (schwarzenegger, stallone, van damme, seagal movies ONLY).
There is also free bottled water, which is good since tap water is out.

Malaysia-Shah Alam-Hotel - My hotel room at Shah Alam

My hotel room at Shah Alam

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