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England London Islington Beef

15 March 2010

Dinner in Islington

In the evening I decided to go explore Islington, I had heard that Upper street was full of cool restaurants, and it was.
I bypassed all the cool places, and found a cheap mexican place, called desperados, then I ordered a sirloin steak, which isnt mexican food at all.
I had to visit the bathroom, so I asked where it is, and the guy shows me and then asks if I am easily offended? I say no, im rarely offended, he tells me the artwork in the mens is quite interesting, but if I am offended use the disabled bathroom.
So I head into the mens, and am confronted by artwork that is indeed very offensive, its a huge mural of skeletons raping mexican girls at gun and knife point in graphic detail, lots of pink bits everywhere on the girls, and the skeleton equivalent on the skeletons. It was really quite bizzarre, its a shame I left my camera on the table...although taking a photo in a toilet isnt always a great idea.
Meanwhile back at my table, a young couple were planning their holiday, and the girl wanted to go to phuket. A huge argument ensued, because the guy wanted to go to Japan, and the girl wanted to go to some place to get drunk with other english tourists. This went on and on and got really bad, there were only like 3 tables with people at them (it being a monday). The guy then phones his friend to explain to her how stupid she is for wanting to go to Phuket. Later his phone rang and he went outside (his food had arrived) and yelled in the street about football or something, then said 'oh get this, jane wants to go to Phuket, the silly cow' and im certain Jane could hear all this cause I sure could.

After dinner I decided to walk a long way, but I thought I would walk into the city, I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in dark dead end streets, meaning I had to backtrack to Islington station to get home...fail.

England-London-Islington-Beef - My dinner, its huge, I didnt eat it all.

My dinner, its huge, I didnt eat it all.

England-London-Islington-Beef - As I set up the camera to photograph the outside a rubbish truck pulled up.

As I set up the camera to photograph the outside a rubbish truck pulled up.

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