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Hong Kong Soho Neon Architecture

22 March 2010


In the evening I caught the train to Central and found the mid level escelators, which are a long interconnected outdoor escelator and moving walkway system that takes you up the side of the mountain.
About half way up you get to Soho, which as I had found out is where the remaining expatriate community of English, American and Australians tend to congregate.
Finally there were restaurants where I would be able to get food, they seemed to be cheap, all types of cuisines, modern looking and plentiful.
I chose mexican and think I chose poorly, as my dinner came out in an aluminium foil bowl thing with plastic cutlery. Still it was quite nice, but gave me hiccups for over an hour.
I think I will go back there tomorrow and try one of the Chinese restaurants in the area, they seemed to be more cafe style rather than the huge round tables for parties of 10 like the restaurants in kowloon.

I absolutely failed to take photos of Soho, its built very steep slope, and the roads are narrow and theres basically no cars there, it was quite a surreal place, with massive buildings towering over the twisty laneways.
I then walked all the way back to my hotel in Causeway bay, which took me onto the wrong side of the tracks, a deserted area full of building sites and half completed highway flyover walkway things.
When eventually I did cross I found myself in Lockhart road, which is an area full of Phillippino and Thai girls who grab hold of you (literally) and try and drag you into karaoke bars. There were many sad looking white men in suits sitting at tables alone out the front of these places.
Along my journey I couldnt resist taking a few more photos of buildings, the smog actually seems to have cleared a bit.

Hong Kong-Soho-Neon-Architecture - A very large building.

A very large building.

Hong Kong-Soho-Neon-Architecture - Crossing the road.

Crossing the road.

Hong Kong-Soho-Neon-Architecture - A huge building with many lights.

A huge building with many lights.

Hong Kong-Soho-Neon-Architecture - A row of colorful billboards on large buildings.

A row of colorful billboards on large buildings.

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