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AAAAA tourist mountain experience

17 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Hiking-Baiyun - AAAAA tourist mountain experience

There is really only one mountain in all of Guangzhou, Baiyun mountain, and it is an official ISO 9001 and 4001 AAAAA certified tourist experience....


16 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Shangxiajiu - Shangxiajiu

It is a bit later than normal, for me, so I dont have time to think of a ridiculous title that will ensure google never indexes this article, inst....

Flood warning

16 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Architecture - Flood warning

In my room I have an internet IPTV box thing, theres no normal tv in China it seems. It runs Android and you can change the language to English. J....

Dark and mysterious

15 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Pork - Dark and mysterious

I am very happy with the location of my hotel. There is lots to see in a 4 block radius. Strangely, there are lots and lots of foreigners / wester....

Procedural challenges

15 April 2019

China-Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Train - Procedural challenges

Today was a day of many challenges, and associated crap photos of nothingness. It was again raining when I woke up, I splashed around in Hong Kong....

I can see in the dark

12 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Chinatown-Food - I can see in the dark

Nagasaki is dark. As you shall see, my camera can see in the dark, so tonight I wandered around and took shots that make pitch black things slight....

The maglev update

10 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Maglev-Airport - The maglev update

I have ridden on the maglev again, so thats worth an update. I am also precariously close to posting 1000 photos on this trip, at which point the ....

I found another park

9 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Park-Food - I found another park

Earlier I was wrong. Earlier I said I had visited all the parks in Shanghai. I found another one. NOW I have visited all the parks in Shanghai. Th....

Every single park and garden

9 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Park-Yuyuan Garden - Every single park and garden

Today I visited every single park, garden, temple, shrine, square, reserve and backyard in the greater Shanghai area, on foot. As you will see, Sh....

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