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My short hike became very long

30 October 2018

Japan-Hiking-Sasago-Seihachiyama - My short hike became very long

I thought I had planned a fairly short hike today, maybe 4.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately since I like hiking, ....

Far beyond Takao

29 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Takao-Mount Jinba - Far beyond Takao

Today I also went back to somewhere I went when I came to Tokyo for a weekend a few years ago. On that occasion it was pouring with rain and I bou....

Resurrection of the day

5 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-View-Hiking-West Lake - Resurrection of the day

The rain stopped at 4pm. I had my face pressed against the window in anticipation, as soon as I saw it had stopped I was out the door. My destinat....

Lap completed

4 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-West Lake-Hiking - Lap completed

As it was foretold, today I completed a lap of the west lake of Hangzhou. I completed a similar lap last time I was here, although this time I wen....

The other great wall

25 April 2018

China-Xian-City Wall-Hiking-Dumplings - The other great wall

It certainly was a big day for doing the tourist things. This evening I walked a full lap of the city wall. I guess not too many tourists actually....

Everybody can get fogged

24 April 2018

China-Hiking-Rain-Huashan-Soldiers Path - Everybody can get fogged

Today was a very long, very wet day. The steps in my journey went subway - high speed train - free shuttle bus - paid shuttle bus - epic hike in t....

The bus debacle illegal taxi comedy show

19 April 2018

China-Beijing-Mangshan-Hiking-Bus - The bus debacle illegal taxi comedy show

Three funny things happened today so strap in, wall of text to follow. First of all, there were a lot transport debacles. I had selected a spot t....

The bee filled mountain of many amenities

18 April 2018

China-Beijing-Fragrant Hills-Hiking - The bee filled mountain of many amenities

Another day, another opportunity to spend many hours walking around in the glorious pollution haze. Despite the air quality index suggesting the p....

Between the tracks

15 November 2017

Japan-Hiking-Asoyama-Hinodesan-Mitake - Between the tracks

Its my last full day in Japan, so I decided to hike from one train line to another. My journey went west, with the hiking starting at Musashi-Itsu....

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