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Brief trip to Ginza for curry

17 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Ginza-Curry - Brief trip to Ginza for curry

I am a bit broken. Or more accurately, fatigued. No strength in legs. Not much mental capacity for make good sentences. Conveniently then, my hote....

Hiking with others

17 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Mount Kawanori - Hiking with others

Today was a long day, a long day hiking near Tokyo on a Saturday, which meant there were other people. At times lots of other people, but at other....

From Kanda to Harajuku

16 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Tokyo-Harajuku - From Kanda to Harajuku

Days where I spend all day with my bum on a plane, bus, train, monorail etc means that by the time I get to my hotel I have a lot of walking to do....

Deja Vu

16 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Tokyo-Airport - Deja Vu

I have returned back to Tokyo, land of things open at night, land of many trains that go to mountains, land of actual mountains rather than hills,....

Lard night

15 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Ramen - Lard night

Despite having walked forever already today, I left the hotel a bit early to run up a hill and take a night view shot of the city. That ended in f....

All about the bridge

15 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Bridge-Tunnel - All about the bridge

As you shall see, today is all about the bridge, but also a tunnel, and also Mitsubishi, and also a more than 30km great loop around the Nagasaki ....

Crappy photos in Urakami

14 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Urakawi-Pasta - Crappy photos in Urakami

How did it get so late? This probably wont make any sense because I am even sleepier than I normally am but anyway....dot dot dot Tonight I went t....

The never ending hills of Nagasaki

14 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Hiking-View - The never ending hills of Nagasaki

Everyone who has read up to this point knew that today I would wander around the hills of Nagasaki, just as I promised. I keep my promises. My co....

Leaving port

13 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Okonomiyaki - Leaving port

I originally planned to go somewhere else tonight, but as I stepped outside, I heard the unmistakable earth shaking blaring of a ship horn, and I ....

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