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Shopping Street

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It got cold

25 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Shopping Street-Star Wars - It got cold
The underground malls and neon of Fukuoka

After a month of wondering why its so warm, tonight its going down to 11 degrees, cold enough to justify my jacket for once. Actually its going to....

Closed at seven

20 November 2015

Japan-Shimonoseki-Shopping Street-Mall - Closed at seven
The shops in Shimonoseki close early

Everything in Shimonoseki closed at 7pm, on a Friday. I was shocked. Maybe not everything, Sake bars, Hostess bars and a cool supermarket were ope....

Too many places to eat

15 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Shopping Street-Food-Okonomiyaki - Too many places to eat
Eating Okonomiyaki at Okonomimura in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is chock full of tourists, which means its much better set up for shopping and eating than Nagoya. A short walk from my hotel is the mai....

Also theres Oso

11 November 2015

Japan-Nagoya-Shopping Street-Oso-Food - Also theres Oso
The covered shopping streets of Oso in Nagoya

I found the covered pedestrian area of Nagoya, so it does exist. It is further South of the big department stores and is called Oso. It is largely....

Taipei is human friendly

22 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Ximending-Shopping Street - Taipei is human friendly

As soon as I set out from my hotel, I realised how much of a nicer city Taipei is to Taichung. I just offended 3 million people who dont read this....

Kyoto is small

11 March 2014

Japan-Kyoto-Shopping Street-Ramen - Kyoto is small

This evening I discovered that Kyoto is really quite small, something I suspected after seeing it from the top of a hill this morning. I also foun....

Eastern culture

26 March 2013

China-Chengdu-Mall-Shopping Street - Eastern culture

Tonight, I headed east, on foot. The east side of the city, and the next 5km further east, are the nicest parts of Chengdu I have seen so far. Nic....

The plane

25 March 2013

China-Chengdu-Jinli-Shopping Street-Peoples Park - The plane

Today I will address the lack of photo overload from yesterday. My route took me first West, through peoples park, which was great, then South to ....

Almost missed the best bit

7 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Shopping Street - Almost missed the best bit

My hotel is near Wulin square which as I have repeatedly mentioned, is now a meteor sized crater. At the other end of a trench you can surely see ....

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