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Coat day

8 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Yangmingshan - Coat day

The day has finally come, the day where I get to wear my $2 convenience store raincoat. A great day indeed. I woke up and excitedly ran outside to....

Major rain no dampener

7 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Rain-Food-Vegetarian - Major rain no dampener

Theres a flood. And yet still I went out without my raincoat. Not really a problem, there is an extensive underground network of tunnels. In these....

There are lots of Koreans in Japanese Taiwan

6 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Taipei 101-Food-Bibimbap - There are lots of Koreans in Japanese Taiwan

Its history time. In the beginning, Taiwan was a tropical paradise with Hawaiians on it, or people that looked like them, I will meet some next we....

The unprecedented 4th update

5 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Raohe-Night Market - The unprecedented 4th update

As forecast, here is something that has never happened before, a fourth update on a single day. This is largely because my day started on Saturday....


27 March 2014

Taipei-Hong Kong-Airport - Home

Yeah, I am home. Flight from Taipei to Hong Kong was an A340, like an A330 but with 4 engines, an old plane. It was full. Flight from Hong Kong to....

Homeless person

27 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Panda-Vegetarian-Taoyuan - Homeless person

I stupidly woke up at 5:30AM. My flight is at 19:35. So now I have to check out, leave my bags, and effectively live the life of a homeless person....

The new new

26 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Banqiao - The new new

West of Taipei, is New Taipei. This is a different new Taipei to the new Taipei which is east of Taipei where Taipei 101 is. So its the new new Ta....

Its the final mountain

26 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Guanyinshan - Its the final mountain

It was with a deep sadness that today I ascended my final mountain of this trip. Tomorrow I fly out of Taipei at 19:30, connection in Hong Kong at....


25 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Taipei 101-Architecture - Protestations

I went to see my favourite building, Taipei 101. Theres a new subway line extension that takes you right into its basement, so that was exciting. ....

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