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Airbus A380

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Totally full and uncomfortable

5 March 2017

Singapore-Singapore Airlines-Airbus A380 - Totally full and uncomfortable

Normally my flight stories talk about an entire row of seats to myself. Not this time. My 7.5 hour flight to Singapore was totally full. I do not ....

The short flight

12 June 2016

Germany-Munich-Dubai-Emirates-Airbus A380 - The short flight

6 hour flight left on time, and arrived on time. Nothing unusual happened, for dinner I had the excellent Lamb Biriyani, second dinner as I had di....

Dubai airport is quite large

23 May 2016

Dubai-Emirates-Airbus A380-Business Class - Dubai airport is quite large

I have never been to Dubai airport before, now I have been. It should be called Emirates airport as the pictures will show. I was not actually in ....

Internet in the sky

22 May 2016

Melbourne-Emirates-Airbus A380-Business Class - Internet in the sky

For the first time ever, I have used wifi in the sky. I have used 3G/4G in the sky before illegally over Australia but this is different. Emirates....

Double decker metal tube

6 March 2014

Sydney-Hong Kong-Airbus A380-Fog - Double decker metal tube

My flight from Sydney to Hong Kong was about 9 hours and as mentioned, on board an Airbus A380. I have been on one before, they are much like bein....

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