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The maglev update

10 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Maglev-Airport - The maglev update

I have ridden on the maglev again, so thats worth an update. I am also precariously close to posting 1000 photos on this trip, at which point the ....

26 hours door to door then more

21 October 2017

Melbourne-Airport-Singapore Airlines-Lounge - 26 hours door to door then more

3rd year in a row going to Japan at this time. Decaying leaf matter has proven far too exciting for me to resist so I must return and marvel at th....

Indeed more beef noodle

31 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Taoyuan-Airport-Lounge-Beef - Indeed more beef noodle

Now I am at Taipei Taoyuan international airport, waiting for my flight. As usual I am many hours early, not to worry, I am able to check in, and ....

The boring photos continue

5 March 2017

Taiwan-Taoyuan Airport-Train - The boring photos continue

Surely the most boring start to one of my long winded things ever. Update 3 on day 1 and I am in my Taipei hotel, and its still only 4pm in the af....

Dinner time

11 June 2016

Germany-Munich-Airport-Emirates-Lounge - Dinner time

Getting to the airport was no problem, once here I pulled off an exercise in contortionism to change my clothes inside a toilet cubicle with all m....

Now in Germany

29 May 2016

Germany-Munich-Airport-Train - Now in Germany

A third update, but it will be short. The flight was fine, many Germans stood up the whole way? It was a small Airbus A320 like Jetstar use in Aus....

Manchester airport is quite small

23 May 2016

England-Manchester-Airport - Manchester airport is quite small

The flight was great, the arrival was smooth, getting to a hire car was interesting. Now just to hire a car and make the 20 minute drive to my hot....


26 November 2015

Brisbane-Airport-Qantas-Airbus A330 - Bored

Now I am in Brisbane airport for 5 hours before a 2.5 hour flight home. So nearly as long as the flight from Tokyo to Brisbane all over again, how....

The shed

26 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Tokyo-Airport - The shed

Time to start the long journey home, too long I say. I go to the airport early and wait, I then have 4 hours in Narita, and wait for it, 5 hours i....

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