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Only one airport photo

25 April 2019

Hong Kong-Airport - Only one airport photo

I am at the airport. It is time to go home. I am only taking one photo of the airport, and that is because it is of the mountain I climbed yesterd....

I have found my salvation

11 April 2019

Hong Kong-Airport - I have found my salvation

One lousy photo? Yes indeed. Now I am in Hong Kong. Not only am I in Hong Kong, I am at the Salvation Army. Lets work backwards and try for some s....

A tale of two airports

11 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Airport - A tale of two airports

This will be a short update. Right now I am in Incheon airport waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. As you will see I have no lounge access, so I a....

Train to city too tired two photos

31 March 2019

Airport-Korea-Incheon - Train to city too tired two photos

Despite no sleep, I have amazingly managed to stick to, too and two in the title of this boring update. Right now I am on the AREX train into Seou....

The 3 next worst photos

30 March 2019

Airport-Hong Kong-Lounge - The 3 next worst photos

Terrible photos are my thing. So heres 3 more! I now take terrible photos in groups of 3 to assure that symmetry is never achieved. My flight fro....

The 3 worst photos of this trip

30 March 2019

Airport-Melbourne-Breakfast - The 3 worst photos of this trip

AS IS TRADITION, here are 3 really boring really bad photographs. Photographs of tables without anyone sitting at them, a bland looking out of foc....

Deja Vu

16 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Tokyo-Airport - Deja Vu

I have returned back to Tokyo, land of things open at night, land of many trains that go to mountains, land of actual mountains rather than hills,....

Island hopper

8 November 2018

Japan-Okinawa-Fukuoka-Airport - Island hopper

After an uneventful flight I am in Fukuoka. The airport is about here is about 3 subway stops from the city centre, you could walk it. I would if ....

Japan Airlines domestic experience

4 November 2018

Japan-Airport-Okinawa - Japan Airlines domestic experience

Getting to Okinawa was surprisingly challenging. Before I set off, I did a long lap of the deserted areas of Akihabara and Ueno and took photos o....

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