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Night of the long exposures

14 November 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Asakusa-Skytree-Food - Night of the long exposures

First of all, the same girl is still at the lonely part of Ueno station trying to convince foreigners she needs money to get back to Kyoto because....

The dark temple

5 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Asakusa-Shrine-Ramen - The dark temple

No sooner had I returned from Nikko and it was time to head out the door again. I headed away from the local Ueno station, to see where I ended up....

Asakusa, boat ride.

7 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Asakusa-Shrine-Ferry - Asakusa, boat ride.

Today I headed out to the old part of Tokyo called Asakusa, which looks quite far on the train map but is only about 30 minutes. Never really havi....

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