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Indeed more beef noodle

31 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Taoyuan-Airport-Lounge-Beef - Indeed more beef noodle

Now I am at Taipei Taoyuan international airport, waiting for my flight. As usual I am many hours early, not to worry, I am able to check in, and ....

Still time for more beef noodle

30 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Food-Beef - Still time for more beef noodle

Tonight was possibly my last bowl of beef noodle soup for this trip. I say possibly because I recall on a previous trip I got to the airport many ....

The best beef noodles in Taipei?

27 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Mall-Food-Beef - The best beef noodles in Taipei?

Praise the inventor of the city wide subway system, it makes getting to places much easier and faster. Because of the excellent and super cheap su....

Needed more time

19 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Department Store-Food-Beef - Needed more time

As the uncreative title above suggests, I needed more time in Kaohsiung. I thought 4 nights would be plenty, but there is more to see and do than ....

Steak night

18 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Night Market-Ruifeng-Food-Beef - Steak night

My holiday is already half over. Thas a little depressing. Seems like a week but its been 2. I am surprised how much I like Kaohsiung, on my secon....

Accidental dream mall

17 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Shopping Mall-Food-Beef - Accidental dream mall

This evening I ended up at the dream mall by accident after accidently riding on a Melbourne tram in Taiwan. Allow me to go on with boring detail.....

Lost in the swamp at night

15 March 2017

Taiwan-Taitung-Beach-Food-Beef - Lost in the swamp at night

This afternoon I was back a bit earlier than normal from my Museum run, so I decided to head out earlier for dinner, via a tour of the swamp near ....

Almost the airport

21 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Beef-Mall-Gimpo - Almost the airport

I decided I wanted to head somewhere quite far this evening, and relax on the subway, rather than just hang out in the awesome local area. So I co....

Peak neon

11 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Neon-Beef-Department Store - Peak neon

Busan has achieved peak neon. So far I only went to one of the many areas that are apparently well known nightspots for people to run around screa....

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