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Washing and walking

28 May 2016

England-London-Tower Bridge-Burrough Market - Washing and walking

My day started at 6am as always, bright and early to do my washing. Having done my research and collected my change, this went off without a hitch....


18 November 2015

Japan-Iwakuni-Bridge-Rain-Hiking - Flood

Now its really really raining. Enough for the streets to be flooded. At least flooded to the point they would be considered flooded in Adelaide, p....

Sleepy train ride

5 November 2015

Japan-Nikko-Autumn-Bridge - Sleepy train ride

Still not 100% healthy, I was determined to go to nature anyway, but no ascent of mount anything yet. Instead I paid a hefty fee to go to Nikko. M....


6 September 2009

England-London-Tower Bridge-Monument - Online

I was able to get internet up and running, thanks to someone who had previously visited giving me his pre paid 3g usb stick thing, setting it up w....

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