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So many gift shops

18 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Fo Guang Shan-Buddha - So many gift shops

Today I went to the buddha theme world amusement park extravaganza. It is at a place called Fo Guang Shan, and of course, its out in the middle of....

The great buddah scam

6 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Buddha-West Lake-Hiking - The great buddah scam

I did two activities in the day today. The first one was great, the mountain area on the northern shore of the West lake. The second activity, aft....


17 March 2012

Taiwan-Keelung-Buddha-Shopping Street - Keelung

Getting to Keelung proved to be an adventure. Its a city on the coast not far from Taipei, so I decided to take the TRA train, which is the older ....

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