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The mountain city

27 April 2018

China-Chongqing-Ciqikou-Chilli - The mountain city

Beijing and Xian are planned cities, most Chinese cities are planned cities with 4 gates and at one stage a wall. Generally they place the cities ....

The grandest scale

23 April 2018

China-Xian-Muslim Quarter-Chilli - The grandest scale

Everything in Xian is huge and made to look ancient, except its all really very modern, and ultra clean, and well lit. I like it. There are certai....

Numbing and spicy

24 March 2013

China-Chengdu-Tianfu Square-Market-Chilli - Numbing and spicy

I awoke to the brilliant pollution filtered sunlight of Chengdu. According to my ipad application todays reading is 157, which is about 'normal', ....

There is no museum

30 August 2012

China-Shanghai-Chilli-Dumplings - There is no museum

Due to being burnt and tired from yesterdays trek in the dusty city, today I decided to try and keep indoors. First up I walked in the blazing sun....

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