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Brief trip to Ginza for curry

17 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Ginza-Curry - Brief trip to Ginza for curry

I am a bit broken. Or more accurately, fatigued. No strength in legs. Not much mental capacity for make good sentences. Conveniently then, my hote....

I should be more tired

28 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Akihabara-Curry - I should be more tired

I think I slept for a maximum of one hour on the plane. Before departing I woke up at 6am Saturday morning Australian time which is 4am Japan time....

Fully bunded area

6 May 2018

China-Shanghai-Bund-Curry - Fully bunded area

Go to Shanghai, walk along the bund, take photos of big buildings, get approached by girls wanting to show you their art or take you to a tea hous....

The not so shiny and the not so new

2 May 2018

China-Wuhan-Recycling-Curry-Food - The not so shiny and the not so new

Rather than show nice new shiny parts of Wuhan tonight like the last two nights, it was time to show how the regular people live, the people still....

Pyramids of Sannomiya

5 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Sannomiya-Food-Curry - Pyramids of Sannomiya

After getting distracted last night and seeing only Kobe port, tonight I boarded a train and headed straight for Sannomiya, the main downtown area....

Lost in expansion

1 November 2017

Japan-Osaka-Shinsaibashi-Glico Man-Curry - Lost in expansion

Let me translate that for you, I managed to get lost twice in central Osaka. I have been here twice before and generally know where stuff is, but ....

Artful rain dodger

28 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Gion-Rain-Food-Curry - Artful rain dodger

Now I am in Kyoto and its time for more weather talk dribble. It rained most of the day but somehow I never got wet. I got back to my Shizuoka ho....

Bus confusion

25 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Shopping Street-Food-Curry - Bus confusion

I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the lack of interesting photos today and also this evening. I offer no excuses and promise to do be....

Tourists outnumber locals

7 November 2016

Japan-Shibuya-Guitar-Food-Curry - Tourists outnumber locals

Tonight I went to Shibuya, because the subway line from Ueno goes straight there and the random tunnel I went down was for that line. Thats how I ....

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