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British queues of madness

29 May 2016

England-London-Heathrow - British queues of madness

Bonus update because I got to Heathrow way too early and have time to kill before my flight, also because I have an amusing tale to tell. Getting ....

Victory lap

29 May 2016

England-London-Buckingham Palace - Victory lap

This afternoon and evening I am going to Munich. After almost missing my train in Manchester, and experiencing and hearing about hilarious delays ....

Olympic food court

28 May 2016

England-London-Stratford-Mall-Salad - Olympic food court

I was last in London in 2010, the Olympics were held here in 2012, better go see the Olympic site then. It is located east of the city at Stratfor....

Washing and walking

28 May 2016

England-London-Tower Bridge-Burrough Market - Washing and walking

My day started at 6am as always, bright and early to do my washing. Having done my research and collected my change, this went off without a hitch....

London is quite familiar

27 May 2016

England-London-China Town-Picadilly Circus - London is quite familiar

2 updates today. I set off for a long walk, first of all I had to find a laundry to do my clothes washing tomorrow morning. I found one I used yea....

Trafficus horribilus

27 May 2016

England-Manchester-London-Train - Trafficus horribilus

Today was my last day up north, and a lot of driving was required. After completing my work for the day, I had left myself 3 hours to make a journ....

A real city

26 May 2016

England-Manchester-Mall-China Town-Pho - A real city

Finally I managed to get to a real city. Manchester, which is Englands second biggest city, for those of you who have no geography skills at all. ....

Cold and damp

25 May 2016

England-Warrington-Tesco - Cold and damp

It is now cold and damp, no warmer than 10 degrees today, and then it started raining, just enough to keep everything permanently damp. This is En....

The cold light of day and night

24 May 2016

England-Warrington-Tapas - The cold light of day and night

It gets light here before 5am. It is still light here now at 9:30pm. I assume there is actually a night at some point, it has been getting dark ve....

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