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It rained on everyones parade

14 July 2010

France-Gare Du Nord-Eurostar-Bastille Day-Parade - It rained on everyones parade

Today is Bastille day, which I have found out is the day some gypsies over ran the French government and destroyed a jail and let all the criminal....

Indian food

13 July 2010

France-Paris-Indian Food - Indian food

As I suggested I might, I decided to go back to little India for dinner. I deliberately chose the most plain looking of places and had a delicious....

Paris shopping - nothing special!

13 July 2010

France-Paris-Shopping-Market - Paris shopping - nothing special!

Shopping in Paris is not all its cracked up to be. I cant find anything French, and a lot of stores seem closed all week or possibly all summer, I....

Little India

12 July 2010

France-Paris-Little India - Little India

First of all, 3 update in one day! Are you terribly bored of my ramblings? I decided that despite general leg soreness and heat stroke, I would go....

I made my own dinner

12 July 2010

France-Paris-Graffiti - I made my own dinner

After getting back from the louvre I immediately headed out again, to chinatown. I go to chinatown wherever I am, its a tradition I started just n....

The Louvre

12 July 2010

France-Paris-Museum-Louvre - The Louvre

My typical tourist experience continues, with a visit to the Louvre. They dont have any climate control which is surprising, it was very hot in th....

La Defense

11 July 2010

France-Paris-La Defense-Architecture - La Defense

Its world cup final night, but its not on until 8:30, and I am not actually that interested but decided to watch it anyway. This meant going some ....

Typical bloody tourist

11 July 2010

France-Paris-Arc de Triomphe-Eiffel Tower - Typical bloody tourist

This morning I went for quite a long walk to a couple of the main tourist attraction. I decided Sunday was the best day to do this as I have heard....

Montmarte, I think?

10 July 2010

France-Paris-Montmarte-View-Pho - Montmarte, I think?

In the early evening I wandered out, not knowing where I was going. I have already decided Paris is quite small, and perhaps I need not have bothe....

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