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The shed

26 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Tokyo-Airport - The shed

Time to start the long journey home, too long I say. I go to the airport early and wait, I then have 4 hours in Narita, and wait for it, 5 hours i....

It got cold

25 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Shopping Street-Star Wars - It got cold

After a month of wondering why its so warm, tonight its going down to 11 degrees, cold enough to justify my jacket for once. Actually its going to....

No mountain

25 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Shrine-Market - No mountain

Surprise! Tomorrow I start a 30 hour journey home, which means I should be up a mountain today, but I am not. Multiple reasons, its raining a litt....

Red lights dimmed

24 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Hakata-Mall-Curry - Red lights dimmed

Tonights walking course was to loop through what is apparently the biggest red light district in all of Japan according to a very enthusiastic tou....

Sand castle

24 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Park-Castle-Beach - Sand castle

It was looking particularly grey, and damp, so hanging around the city was the order of the day. I decided to head west, after scrolling google ma....

Sudden downpour

23 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Mall-Food-Ramen - Sudden downpour

I stepped outside this evening, and the sky seemed to be 2 metres above my head, and it was very windy. It was forecast to rain this morning but d....

Other people

23 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Hiking-Mount Homan-Dazaifu - Other people

Its a national holiday, theres only one mountain of note that people living here go to, its peak leaf season, the internet warned of jam packed tr....

More than Shinjuku

22 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Mall-Tenjin-Ramen - More than Shinjuku

I think Fukuoka has a larger commercial district than even Shinjuku. Theres 10 big department stores. I dont know how the population can support t....

Final destination

22 November 2015

Japan-Shimonoseki-Fukuoka-Guitar - Final destination

Now I am in Fukuoka, it will be my last stop on this holiday. Getting here took about, 18 minutes, on the bullet train in a tunnel for probably 17....

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