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British queues of madness

29 May 2016

England-London-Heathrow - British queues of madness

Bonus update because I got to Heathrow way too early and have time to kill before my flight, also because I have an amusing tale to tell. Getting ....

Last day in London

15 July 2010

England-London-Museum-Airport-Heathrow - Last day in London

My flight isnt until 10pm, so I have plenty of time to kill. I start out by arguing with some hotel staff before, the guy never turned up for my m....

Melbourne to London on a 747

25 June 2010

Hong Kong-London-Heathrow-Airport-Lounge - Melbourne to London on a 747

This was a great flight. I have finally achieved sleep on a plane. And it was great because it didnt seem like I was on a plane for 24 hours at al....

The flight

19 March 2010

London-Heathrow-Hong Kong-Qantas - The flight

OK, so I had a first class lay flat bed thing, theres only 8 on the plane that holds 500 people, and I still did not sleep at all. If you pay for ....

Heathrow and flying in a bed

19 March 2010

England-London-Heathrow-Lounge - Heathrow and flying in a bed

Leaving the hotel and getting to Heathrow was very smooth, the hotel didnt argue on check out that I hadnt prepaid (which I had) like most hotels ....


17 March 2010

England-London-Heathrow-Guitar - Harrods

In the evening, I set off for my walk as usual, and as I was passing harrods I decided to use their restroom facilities. Of course this being harr....

Singapore to London

26 February 2010

Singapore-London-Heathrow-Qantas - Singapore to London

Now for the longest leg, about 14 hours on the plane. Again I have a bulk head seat, and a very good one as with legs fully stretched I cannot tou....


21 September 2009

England-London-Heathrow-Qantas-Airbus A380 - Heathrow

My flight left Heathrow at a very civil time of about 11:30 in the morning. So I left the hotel without drama at 9, walked across the road to the ....

Arriving in London

6 September 2009

England-Heathrow-London-Train - Arriving in London

After such a long flight I was very happy to get off, only to be greeted by a 2 hour wait for passport control. Terminal 4 is in the process of be....

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