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Looking down on the airport

24 April 2019

Hong Kong-Hiking-Sunset Peak - Looking down on the airport

Last full day in Hong Kong. Last opportunity for a hike. Good weather. No jokes no tangents no segue, lets get going. Shit too late, until just no....

The cloudy dragon beach trip

23 April 2019

Hong Kong-Hiking-Dragons back - The cloudy dragon beach trip

Today I was lucky enough to hike along what is officially one of the words top 10 urban tropical hiking locations. Who makes these lists? Coming u....

A peak up the morning path

22 April 2019

Hong Kong-Hiking-Aberdeen - A peak up the morning path

Out the back of my hotel are hills. I walked up the steep streets and arrived at some hills. The hills here are full of rich people, some of whom ....

AAAAA tourist mountain experience

17 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Hiking-Baiyun - AAAAA tourist mountain experience

There is really only one mountain in all of Guangzhou, Baiyun mountain, and it is an official ISO 9001 and 4001 AAAAA certified tourist experience....

Surprise waterless hike

14 April 2019

Hong Kong-Hiking-Lion Rock - Surprise waterless hike

It was supposed to be pouring with rain all day. I got up and peered out the window, it looked like any other rainy day. I went outside thinking I....

To hell with the rain

12 April 2019

Hong Kong-Hiking-Ma On Shan - To hell with the rain

My title today keeps with the religious theme. It is raining. I thought it would surely just rain briefly and not very hard. Wrong on both counts.....

Not slippery when wet

10 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Yongmasan - Not slippery when wet

Well it is still raining. The scariest thing about the rain is not slipping off the mountain, it is umbrellas. And now I have a new reason to fear....

Seven and a half years later

9 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Gwanaksan - Seven and a half years later

So, 7.5 years ago I came to Korea, and climbed over Gwanaksan. You can find that by looking at my old trip report from 2011, ALL MY CONTENT IS ALL....

All day clay

7 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Hiking-Gyejoksan - All day clay

Today I went and walked in some clay, for many many hours. East of Daejeon is a small mountain, Gyejoksan. That is not generally where people go, ....

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