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Hong Kong

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Boring stuff - part 2

25 March 2015

Hong Kong-Airport-Lounge - Boring stuff - part 2

What to do if you have 6 hours to kill in Hong Kong airport? Obviously, go to every lounge and eat a little in each. I repeatedly warned that this....


27 March 2014

Taipei-Hong Kong-Airport - Home

Yeah, I am home. Flight from Taipei to Hong Kong was an A340, like an A330 but with 4 engines, an old plane. It was full. Flight from Hong Kong to....

Not so cold

10 March 2014

Hong Kong-Japan-Airport-Train-Kyoto - Not so cold

Now I am in Japan. Not only am I in Japan but I am on a fast train travelling from a man made island in the sea that taunts tsunamis typing on my ....

Clown vomit cliche

9 March 2014

Hong Kong-Tsim Sha Tsui-Harbour-Architecture - Clown vomit cliche

Tonight is my last night in Hong Kong. To celebrate I took the star ferry, and took the same photos every tourist takes. Mine also feature HDR and....

A lot less fog

9 March 2014

Hong Kong-Hiking-Tin Ha Shan - A lot less fog

Another morning, another hike, this time up the devils peak in eastern Kowloon. The hiking hong kong blog spot dot something dot hk site rated thi....

The Kowloon side

8 March 2014

Hong Kong-Mall-Mong Kok - The Kowloon side

Last night was the island, tonight was Kowloon. I have done all this before, so not too many photos, roads full of people and neon. Restaurants wi....


8 March 2014

Hong Kong-The Peak-Fog - Superfog

The fog, oh the fog. I have never seen such fog. To celebrate I walked up the peak. No not the tram, thats for lazy western tourists, the walk is ....

The island side

7 March 2014

Hong Kong-Causeway Bay-Tram - The island side

This evening I walked from one side of Hong Kong island (as opposed to Kowloon) to the other and did touristy stuff. That means this text will be ....

Monkeys in the fog

7 March 2014

Hong Kong-Hiking-Lion Rock-Fog - Monkeys in the fog

Despite attempting to remain awake as long as possible last night, I still fell asleep before 10, waking briefly to turn the tv off which was show....

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