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Slow train to big city

26 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Kyoto-Train - Slow train to big city

Now I am in Kyoto, I will be here for 2 nights, I have been here twice before, it is the main tourist centre of Japan. Whilst it is not a big city....


25 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Station-Mall - NO PHOTO Bigot

Weather update: rain. Also hot, 23C when I left for the evening, wish I wore shorts. Due to big drops of rain I decided to head for the station ar....

Racing the rain that never was

25 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Hiking-Tsurugi-Shiritakayama - Racing the rain that never was

The weather forecast was not good. Rain all day. I originally planned to climb Hakusan, Japan's third most sacred mountain after Fuji and Tate. Ho....

Its a real city

24 October 2016

Japan-Kanazawa-Higashichaya-Curry - Its a real city

As my unimaginative title suggest, Kanazawa is a real city, even on a Monday night. Its Monday isnt it? Yeah, Monday. My route first went to the o....

Castles gardens and tourists

24 October 2016

Japan-Toyama-Kanazawa-Kenrokuen-Garden - Castles gardens and tourists

Kanazawa has the same population as Toyama, and yet it seems 10 times bigger. It is sometimes referred to as little Kyoto, as a result, there are ....

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