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A tale of two airports

11 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Airport - A tale of two airports

This will be a short update. Right now I am in Incheon airport waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. As you will see I have no lounge access, so I a....

Palpable Shininess

10 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Gangnam - Palpable Shininess

The rain stopped, the clouds were still dark, the sun was under the clouds, great light, time to take some photos of shiny buildings. In these con....

Not slippery when wet

10 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Yongmasan - Not slippery when wet

Well it is still raining. The scariest thing about the rain is not slipping off the mountain, it is umbrellas. And now I have a new reason to fear....

Wet mall

9 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Shopping - Wet mall

Now it is raining, really raining. I got really wet, and went to the mall. On the way there people looked at me like I was a special kind of idiot....

Seven and a half years later

9 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Gwanaksan - Seven and a half years later

So, 7.5 years ago I came to Korea, and climbed over Gwanaksan. You can find that by looking at my old trip report from 2011, ALL MY CONTENT IS ALL....

Its all a giant slope

8 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-Gangnam-Curry - Its all a giant slope

Somehow on my previous 2 trips I seem to have missed the main part of Gangnam. I am sure I have walked down the main roads before, but most of wha....

First of two loops completed

8 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Seoul-Train - First of two loops completed

Now I am back in Seoul and as the title suggests, that is the first of 2 loops or the second of 4 loops completed. Actually lets go with second of....

By special request

7 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Shopping - By special request

Due to requests from my mother in the comments, tonights photos feature shops and people and also a sunset. I decided to head back to the station ....

All day clay

7 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Hiking-Gyejoksan - All day clay

Today I went and walked in some clay, for many many hours. East of Daejeon is a small mountain, Gyejoksan. That is not generally where people go, ....

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