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The long winded getaway

14 April 2018

Melbourne-Skybus-Architecture - The long winded getaway

This is my 4th or 7th time going to mainland China depending on if you count border crossings to the Shenzhen special administrative region or not....

I want to murder your children

21 October 2017

Melbourne-Singapore - I want to murder your children

As mentioned above, my 7.5 hour flight from Melbourne to Singapore was completely full, full of sickly horrible children. Despite having a roomy s....

26 hours door to door then more

21 October 2017

Melbourne-Airport-Singapore Airlines-Lounge - 26 hours door to door then more

3rd year in a row going to Japan at this time. Decaying leaf matter has proven far too exciting for me to resist so I must return and marvel at th....

Early morning late night flight

5 March 2017

Melbourne-Singapore Airlines-Lounge - Early morning late night flight

Time for another months holiday. Its been 3 and a half months since I came back from Japan, so thats long enough of not being on holiday. I am goi....

Magpie attack!

16 October 2016

Melbourne-Brisbane-Airbus A330 - Magpie attack!

After a sleepleess night concerned about my sleepless night, it was time to get up at 4am and get going. Japan yet again, so unoriginal, I should ....

Internet in the sky

22 May 2016

Melbourne-Emirates-Airbus A380-Business Class - Internet in the sky

For the first time ever, I have used wifi in the sky. I have used 3G/4G in the sky before illegally over Australia but this is different. Emirates....

First of many meals

22 May 2016

Melbourne-Emirates-Lounge - First of many meals

I am travelling back in time, but during this reverse time travel I still get fed meals as if its normal time. This starts with a pre dinner dinne....

The end of boring stuff

26 March 2015

Melbourne-Adelaide-Qantas-Boeing 737 - The end of boring stuff

My flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne made it. Despite a Germanwings plane killing all on board the day before in France, now apparently due to pi....

Melbourne Airport

25 March 2011

Melbourne-Airport-Lounge-Qantas - Melbourne Airport

There was some confusion arriving at Melbourne airport. The chief trolley dolly (air hostess) announced that passengers had to stay on the plane. ....

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