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Huge hotel room

22 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Toyama-Shinkansen - Huge hotel room

Now I am in Toyama, and have the biggest hotel room I have ever had in Japan. Just think of all the activities I can do in here! Its going to be a....

City in decline

21 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Department Store-Curry - City in decline

I am convinced, Nagano is a city in serious decline. Perhaps this is the future for much of Japan, with a declining population, a reluctance to al....

It happened again

21 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Hiking-Zenkoji - It happened again

I really only intended to visit the big Temple. The Zenkoji temple is the main attraction in Nagano, so I thought I had better go take a look at t....

Still just a station

20 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Food-Pasta - Still just a station

I have checked google, websites, google maps which these days shows you which areas of cities to find shops and restaurants by conveniently color ....

Not too early for color

20 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Togakushi-Hiking-Autumn Colors - Not too early for color

Apparently the colorful leaf season hysteria does not start for weeks. No one told the place I went to today. Because of colorful leaves, lots of ....

Public convenience

19 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Shopping Street-Ramen - Public convenience

Nagano is very quiet. I think everything is concentrated around the station, I walked a few loops away from it but always ended up coming back. Th....


19 October 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Nagano-Shinkansen-Shinjuku - Naga-no-yes

Yes, I am now in Nagano. You may remember this as the city which hosted the 1998 winter olympics. Except no one remembers the winter olympics. Who....

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