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Electric cubes and gap toothed models

4 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Odaiba-Motor Show-Ramen - Electric cubes and gap toothed models

Today I went to the Tokyo International motor show. I did not book my holiday to coincide with this, these days I am the proud owner of a bus pass....

Japanese girls and make up

26 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Odaiba-Gundam - Japanese girls and make up

I managed to sleep for much of the flight! Quite an achievement. After my massive meal in the lounge before the flight I turned down the crap they....

Odaiba, Shopping in Shibuya

10 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Odaiba-Shibuya - Odaiba, Shopping in Shibuya

Just a small update today, despite being out from 10am until 8pm, I spent a lot of this time sort of working and on the phone to work, which was f....

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