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Homeless person

27 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Panda-Vegetarian-Taoyuan - Homeless person

I stupidly woke up at 5:30AM. My flight is at 19:35. So now I have to check out, leave my bags, and effectively live the life of a homeless person....

Panda overload

28 March 2013

China-Chongqing-Zoo-Panda-Monorail - Panda overload

The metro system in Chongqing features elevated monorails. Not the silly little tourist ones like they are getting rid of in Sydney, but train siz....

Researching Pandas

26 March 2013

China-Chengdu-Panda-Research Base - Researching Pandas

The main tourist feature of Chengdu is pandas. The entire worlds population of wild pandas live within an hour of here. Whenever you see baby pand....

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