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Back in Paris

12 July 2019

France-Paris-Food-Crepes - Back in Paris

As the creative title says, I am now back in Paris, in the same hotel in the same room, for one night. Tomorrow I go to London on the Eurostar, as....

Even earlier morning stroll

10 July 2019

France-Paris-Sightseeing - Even earlier morning stroll

I woke up, immediately got into my inappropriate for Paris shorts and tshirt, realised I had time to take the train into the city and go for a 6:3....

Evening stroll

9 July 2019

France-Paris-Arc de Triomphe - Evening stroll

My destinations are just about as creative as my titles, my photographs even less so. Tonight I walked up and down the Champs de Elysees to gawk a....

Morning stroll

9 July 2019

France-Paris-La Villette - Morning stroll

This will be a micro update, as I am sitting in a meeting room waiting for a meeting while my guests are late, lets see how far I get before they ....


8 July 2019

France-Paris-Eiffel Tower - Hamburger

Something truly extraordinary happened tonight. I ate a hamburger. And not because I wanted to. Paris is rude. So rude that I was outright told by....

Bonus update

8 July 2019

France-Paris-Sightseeing - Bonus update

I dont have to be at the office until 10am, how luxurious, and it is only about 10 minutes walk from my hotel. That meant I could get up early, ca....

Not much of a mountain

7 July 2019

France-Paris-Montmartre - Not much of a mountain

There are no mountains anywhere near Paris. Failure. The best I can do is go to Montmartre. The global epicentre of pickpockets. It has Mont in th....

Not quite bed time yet

6 July 2019

France-Paris-Sightseeing-Notre Dame - Not quite bed time yet

A rare third update! Now I have actually taken photos of something that is not an airport. I am tired and when I finish typing this I can go to be....

Hot and dirty

6 July 2019

France-Paris-Airport-Train - Hot and dirty

It is hot in Paris, and very dirty. Thats my update. This will be another update with very boring photos. It is OK to scroll. Rewind a bit, and w....

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