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A real city

26 May 2016

England-Manchester-Mall-China Town-Pho - A real city
Heading from Warrington to Manchester for dinner

Finally I managed to get to a real city. Manchester, which is Englands second biggest city, for those of you who have no geography skills at all. ....

Mystery fair and bad pho

18 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Rain-Food-Pho - Mystery fair and bad pho
A local festival in Hiroshima in the rain

It might sound like the record is broken, but its still raining. Because of ongoing rain, I had to go back to the local covered shopping area. Fir....

Subway retiree fight

12 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Food-Neon-Pho - Subway retiree fight
Eating Pho in Busan

Tonight I went to an entirely different area, basically as far as the subway underground sock mall went, then I popped out to the surface. I found....

Get Pho

5 March 2015

Korea-Incheon-Food-Pho - Get Pho
Eating Vietnamese food in Incheon

Tonight I went to get some pho. Of course that wasnt the specific plan, there was no plan, thats the beauty of solo travel in foreign lands, there....

Bike crash

10 September 2012

China-Shanghai-Food-Pho - Bike crash

This evening I went to where theres a lot of white people bars and restaurants, specifically for ex pats. I just cant bring myself to go into them....

Nanjing road West

3 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Pho-Rain - Nanjing road West

Generally, people head east along Najing road, at least according to the internet, as thats where the bund is. I decided to head west instead. It ....

Gyeonbok Palace

9 September 2011

Korea-Seoul-Gyeonbok-Palace-Pho - Gyeonbok Palace

Gyeonbok Palace is a giant compound very near central Seoul. Once you are inside the grounds its hard to believe you are in the middle of the city....

Montmarte, I think?

10 July 2010

France-Paris-Montmarte-View-Pho - Montmarte, I think?

In the early evening I wandered out, not knowing where I was going. I have already decided Paris is quite small, and perhaps I need not have bothe....

Not Notting Hill or not?

6 July 2010

England-London-Notting Hill-Pho - Not Notting Hill or not?

Work today was more of the same, although I did go to a Morrisons store for the sweet potato and pea curry for lunch in their cafe. It was terribl....

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