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More canals, far canals

29 August 2012

China-Shanghai-Pudong-Architecture-Omurice - More canals, far canals

I ended up walking much further than I thought. It was nice and cool, a giant 30 storey high thermometer told me its 26 degrees. There was a nice ....

Last night in Shanghai

8 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Pudong-Fireworks - Last night in Shanghai

Tomorrow I am off to Beijing. Shanghai is a very modern, clean, western city. I would say it is more modern than Hong Kong, certainly a lot cleane....

Pudong is awesome

5 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Pudong-Beef-Neon - Pudong is awesome

Shanghai is split by a river, with the western part often called Puxi, being the old part and where I am staying. The eastern side, is called Pudo....

The bund

3 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Pudong-Bund-Fog - The bund

It stopped raining. There was even a hint of blue sky, but it dissapeared fast, covered by what I presume is constant pollution. Walking to the b....

Shanghai arrival

1 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Airbus A330-Pudong-Qantas - Shanghai arrival

OK I made it. Flight time was 10 hours and 10 minutes, add that onto the 2 hours for Adelaide to Sydney and at least an hours taxiing time particu....

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