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Last stop

7 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Tokyo-Castle-Shinkansen - Last stop

Now I am back in Tokyo, hark the heralds. I will be here for 3 nights. Then I will be on a plane overnight, then I will be home on Friday. More pr....

Damp pants

6 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Food-Mapo Tofu - Damp pants

Despite being late back to my hotel again due to mountains and trains, I had to do my washing before anything else. I have been wearing the same p....

Lets try that again

6 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Hiking-Omoshiroyama-Autumn Colors - Lets try that again

As suggested yesterday, today I returned to the mountain I did not complete yesterday because I went the wrong way and instead removed skin from m....


5 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Kokubuncho-Food-Pasta - Cheesey

After getting back from the ravine view day on the late train, I was starving. As soon as the photos were uploaded and I had typed some nonsense i....

White flag

5 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Omoshiroyama-Hiking-Yamadera - White flag

Today I had to wave the white flag and retreat back down a mountain I did not even intend to climb. The plan was to go to a remote station with a ....

Nights of the warming lights

4 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Shopping Street - Nights of the warming lights

Sendai has lots of lights, and lots of shops, and lots of warmth, too many restaurants, lots of people, and no tourists besides myself that I can ....

Under the sea

4 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Sendai-Shinkansen - Under the sea

Now I herald my arrival to Sendai. My second to last stop, and my last new city as my last city is Tokyo which was also my first city and also a c....

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