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The great Shibuya Halloween crush

30 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Halloween-Shibuya - The great Shibuya Halloween crush

OK, I thought earlier when I slid down a cliff on what may or may not have been a hiking trail many miles from any other person in the middle of n....

Wasted ramen opportunity

23 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Shibuya-Shopping Street-Ramen - Wasted ramen opportunity

I like ramen a lot. But its bad for you, many calories, great amounts of salt, very few vegetables. So when I choose to have ramen, I should proba....

Tourists outnumber locals

7 November 2016

Japan-Shibuya-Guitar-Food-Curry - Tourists outnumber locals

Tonight I went to Shibuya, because the subway line from Ueno goes straight there and the random tunnel I went down was for that line. Thats how I ....

Not much has changed

6 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Harajuku-Shibuya - Not much has changed

Every time I come to Tokyo, I go to Shibuya and Harajuku, everyone does. It is surprising how little has changed since my last visit whenever that....

Wedding proposal and a fight

28 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Shibuya-Rain-Ramen - Wedding proposal and a fight

The question is, which of the above 2 things was I a witness to and which was I involved in? Before all that, as soon as I stepped out the door, i....

Indian curry in Japan

8 March 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Shibuya-Harajuku - Indian curry in Japan

Eating in Japan can be cheap. The cheap places dont trust their staff to handle money, instead they have a vending machine you stick money in and ....

Odaiba, Shopping in Shibuya

10 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Odaiba-Shibuya - Odaiba, Shopping in Shibuya

Just a small update today, despite being out from 10am until 8pm, I spent a lot of this time sort of working and on the phone to work, which was f....


4 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Shibuya-Guitar - Shibuya

I thought I was staying in the busiest place in Tokyo by staying at Shinjuku. It may still prove to be that once people go back to work on Thursda....

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