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Final destination

22 November 2015

Japan-Shimonoseki-Fukuoka-Guitar - Final destination
The short train ride from Shimonoseki to Fukuoka

Now I am in Fukuoka, it will be my last stop on this holiday. Getting here took about, 18 minutes, on the bullet train in a tunnel for probably 17....

Under the sea

21 November 2015

Japan-Shimonoseki-Hiking-Shrine-Hinoyama - Under the sea
Walking from Honshu to Kyushu under the sea and then to the nearby Samurai town

Today I went under the sea to Kyushu. This is the first time I have ever been to one of the main Japanese islands other than Honshu. I then wander....

Closed at seven

20 November 2015

Japan-Shimonoseki-Shopping Street-Mall - Closed at seven
The shops in Shimonoseki close early

Everything in Shimonoseki closed at 7pm, on a Friday. I was shocked. Maybe not everything, Sake bars, Hostess bars and a cool supermarket were ope....

Giant phallus

20 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Shimonoseki-Shinkansen - Giant phallus
From Hiroshima to Shimonoseki on the Shinkansen

Now I am in Shimonoseki, home of banished samurai and the deadly puffer fish fugu. The local spelling of fugu is of course, fuku, so you can laugh....

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