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Omu-Mapo-Tofu in Shinjuku

2 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Food-Shinjuku - Omu-Mapo-Tofu in Shinjuku

Tonight I went back across town to everyones favorite part of Tokyo, Shinjuku. I like it too, its great for photos, and tonight I was very happy w....

Ueno to Shinjuku is not far

12 November 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Golden Gai-Ramen - Ueno to Shinjuku is not far

Chances are if you have been to Tokyo that you have ridden on the Yamanote line that goes in a circle around the main parts of the city. You might....

Button security

9 November 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Food-Ramen - Button security

If you have been to Japan you will know they have security guards, or at least small old men in uniform, for everything. You can find some amusing....


19 October 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Nagano-Shinkansen-Shinjuku - Naga-no-yes

Yes, I am now in Nagano. You may remember this as the city which hosted the 1998 winter olympics. Except no one remembers the winter olympics. Who....

Landing gets you half way there

16 October 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Narita-Shinjuku - Landing gets you half way there

The second flight was great, despite being in economy it was only half full and I had the middle block of 4 seats to myself. Qantas actually did a....

Soup in a can

8 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Kabukicho-Ramen - Soup in a can

Tomorrow I go to Nagoya. Before then, I go to Shinjuku. It was raining, but when I got there, it had stopped raining, at least for a while. Much l....

The real Otaku?

26 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Nakano-Shinjuku-Omurice - The real Otaku?

Otaku is the Japanese term for people with obsessive interests. In Western culture its nerds. But in Japan its cool. In modern culture Otaku could....

Around Shinjuku

7 March 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Neon - Around Shinjuku

I must have got less sleep than I thought because by around 5pm local time I felt exhausted. However that shouldnt prevent a good 3 hour walk in t....

Dinner in Shinjuku

9 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku - Dinner in Shinjuku

Having spent the full day out and about, and needing to watch the formula 1 qualifying which I had stolen from the internet earlier in the day, to....

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