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9 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Yokohama-Shinkansen - Decline

Physical Health Status: Deteriorating fast Mental Health Status: I want to put every snotty Japanese person who has made me sick to the sword! Bel....

The turn for home

6 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Gifu-China Town-Shinkansen - The turn for home

Now I am in Gifu, which means I have stopped heading West and am now heading back East towards Tokyo. A sad day indeed. I have never been here bef....

Snot pump

25 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Shizuoka-Shinkansen - Snot pump

Now I am in Shizuoka, and today we have reached peak mucus. The day started off normally enough, although there are persistent light showers, and....

Last stop

7 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Tokyo-Castle-Shinkansen - Last stop

Now I am back in Tokyo, hark the heralds. I will be here for 3 nights. Then I will be on a plane overnight, then I will be home on Friday. More pr....

Under the sea

4 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Sendai-Shinkansen - Under the sea

Now I herald my arrival to Sendai. My second to last stop, and my last new city as my last city is Tokyo which was also my first city and also a c....

Huge hotel room

22 October 2016

Japan-Nagano-Toyama-Shinkansen - Huge hotel room

Now I am in Toyama, and have the biggest hotel room I have ever had in Japan. Just think of all the activities I can do in here! Its going to be a....


19 October 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Nagano-Shinkansen-Shinjuku - Naga-no-yes

Yes, I am now in Nagano. You may remember this as the city which hosted the 1998 winter olympics. Except no one remembers the winter olympics. Who....

Giant phallus

20 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Shimonoseki-Shinkansen - Giant phallus

Now I am in Shimonoseki, home of banished samurai and the deadly puffer fish fugu. The local spelling of fugu is of course, fuku, so you can laugh....

My room is old

15 November 2015

Japan-Nagoya-Hiroshima-Shinkansen - My room is old

Now I am in Hiroshima. I will be here until Friday. It seems very colorful, and large. I dont really understand, as it supposedly has a population....

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