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Shopping Mall

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Complete waste of a day

5 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-Rain-Shopping Mall - Complete waste of a day

As you shall soon see, it is raining, it is really raining a lot, it is raining so much that I cant even walk around in the street because its all....

Surprise parade

22 March 2017

Taiwan-Tainan-Shopping Mall-Blueprint Culture - Surprise parade

Before I go on, I dont understand why I cant engage with my phone in an interactive conversation which teaches me to speak Chinese. Wouldnt that b....

Accidental dream mall

17 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Shopping Mall-Food-Beef - Accidental dream mall

This evening I ended up at the dream mall by accident after accidently riding on a Melbourne tram in Taiwan. Allow me to go on with boring detail.....

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