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The great escape

11 July 2019

France-Hay-Sunset - The great escape
Escaping the monastery through fields of wheat at sunset

I managed to escape the monastery. After a long day of mainly looking out a bus window and being fed cheese, salted meats and various pastries, I....

Looking down on the airport

24 April 2019

Hong Kong-Hiking-Sunset Peak - Looking down on the airport
Hiking up and over sunset peak from Tung Chung station

Last full day in Hong Kong. Last opportunity for a hike. Good weather. No jokes no tangents no segue, lets get going. Shit too late, until just no....

A quick run up a small mountain

24 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Hiking-Sunset - A quick run up a small mountain
The wonderful view of Puli at sunset from the geographical centre of Taiwan

I think I like Puli. It has mountains, lots of them. They seem to have paths. Some of these paths are actually for cars, but thats ok because the ....

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